Tips for moving

Selling or renting your property is often related to your own move to a new residence. The process of relocation is not the most enjoyable and easiest moment in our lives. To facilitate it, follow the tips below.

1. Plan your schedule to move in advance. Give yourself extra time, because the neater you pack your things, the easier it will be to unpack them and settle in your new place without stress.
2. Pack all the things you use daily separately.
3. The things that you will need first are best packed in a transparent plastic container.
4. Pack carefully any breakable items.
5. Mark the boxes. It will be better if you do not just write their contents, but also the room, for which it is intended (eg kitchen, children's bedroom, etc.).
6. If possible, spring clean the house, which you are moving into.
7. Plates are better packed upright. This will improve the chances that they will not be broken.
8. Wrap the boxes in cellophane film.
9. Take a picture of the connection wires in your electronic equipment. This will help to put them together quickly.
10. It is not a bad idea to number the boxes.
11. Do not forget to change your address for mail delivery.

Good luck with your move!

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