The style of negotiation

There are several approaches to the negotiations. As a rule, the essence of any negotiation is the price at which the owner is willing to give up his property, and the potential client to buy or rent it. The owner's approach to the discussion of the price may be as follows: 

1. "The price was set by me taking in to account all the necessary parameters and is not subject to revision."
This is the hard style of negotiation, which rarely leads to a result. Even if you are not willing to significantly reduce the price, and consider it to be optimal, minor concessions from you say that you want to deal with the interested parties and make them look more favorably on doing business with you.

2. "Let's meet in the middle."
This is usually the best option. In any case, this approach opens the possibility for the further discussion of the price and gives a chance for thesuccessful completion of the negotiations.

3. "Put your cards on the table."
In this case you sincerely explain to a potential customer below what price and why you can not accept his offer.

Do not forget that the price of real estate as such, is not the only instrument to reach an agreement. You can offer other options to make the deal more attractive to a potential customer. These may be the renovation of the house, the elimination of certain problems, the installation of additional equipment in the home, such as air conditioners, kitchen or other furniture. If such additional services can cost you less than the potential buyer, they can also play a crucial role for the success of the negotiations.

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