So you have found a potential buyer or tenant for your property, held talks and agreed on a price. It is time to make a deal. For its execution and the preparation of documents you should consult your lawyer. He will help you gather all the necessary documents for the transaction and check that all the conditions of the agreement are met.

In order for the transaction to go smoothly, agree with everyone taking part on the appropriate schedule. Write in the schedule the date for exchange of contracts, what is the deadline to provide necessary documents for the transaction on your part, as well as the buyer's. Try not to deviate from the planned schedule. If you agree with the buyer to conduct any work on the property before the deal, be punctual and carry them out properly. Agree in advance with the new owner or tenant the move date. By this date, you will need to prepare the property completely. If you yourself have lived in your property until this moment, you will also need to plan in advance your move.

We wish you a successful transaction!

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