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The photographing of your property is a very important part in the process of selling or leasing. Of course the main criteria we use when choosing a property are its location and price. However, the presence of high-quality photos for marketing real estate increases the chances of quickly finding interested customers by 30%.

Remember how you choose a hotel for your a trip abroad. For the same price parameters in your region of interest, you are more likely to select the hotel, that has the more attractive interior photos. That is why the first thing to do when selling or renting a property, it is to attract the attention of a potential client and make him want to visit your home. High-quality photos help greatly in doing this.

So, supposing that you have carried out all the necessary arrangements for the preparation of your property, described in detail in the article "5 Steps to prepare your property," - you have set the house in perfect order, removed everything superfluous, done the spring cleaning and neatly made up the bed, it is now time to photograph your property.

If you have the possibility, do spend a little money to pay for the work of a professional photographer. Demand in this case, that he correctly works with lighting in your home, as well as spending time to adjust the photos in a photo editor. Do not spend too much time on the latter, although some editing may well be necessary.

If you are unable to hire a professional photographer, do not despair. Nowadays, even the camera in your telephone will give a good result. Follow the tips below and you will be able to get enough good quality photographic material.

So, if you are photographing your property yourself, follow these tips:

1) Ensure that your home is well lit. To this end, it is better to photograph in clear weather. Open all the windows. Even when photographing in daytime, it is not excessive to switch on all the lights.

2) Choose the optimum angle. The client is interested in seeing the entire bedroom, not just a corner of the bed.

3) Make sure that your photos are not blurry and out of focus. Do not post any such pictures on the website. They will give a potential customer a negative impression of your home.

4) It is unacceptable to publish photos, which show litter, uncollected garbage and so on. Instead of attracting clients, it will discourage them.

5) If you are moving into a new house and are taking the furniture, be sure to take a picture of your property before the furniture is moved. Even if your furniture does not meet the stylistic preferences of the potential client, a furnished apartment looks better than empty.

Good luck!

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