Collection of documents

Busy yourself with the collection of documents relating to your property beforehand. If all the necessary documentation, both legal and technical concerning your property is collected in advance and put in order, it can help to close a deal quickly.

If you invite a potential buyer, visiting your property to view certain documents, it may pleasantly surprise him. It may be that you do not want to show all of the documents at this stage, until the interested party has demonstrated their seriousness. However, people are always pleased to do business with those who have all the documents in order and are prepared to show them at the first request. For example, the master plan of your apartment will be interesting not only to a potential buyer, but to a tenant also. The more time people spend at your property, and the more time they spend studying any documentation regarding your property, the more likely it is that the outcome of negotiations will be positive.

In order to collect the full set of documents required for your property it is advisable to seek the help of your lawyer.

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