5 Tips for negotiations

After you list your property on Terranesia you will need to be prepared to not only open the doors of your home to potential buyers and tenants, but also to conduct your own negotiations, at least to begin with. Follow the tips below to ensure that the negotiation process is more efficient.

1. Interested clients will probably make you a counter offer. Decide in advance what is the minimum price at which you are willing to sell or rent your property.

2. Try to arrange a personal meeting. If the client is a long way from you, it is possible to hold preliminary talks on the phone or e-mail, but negotiations are always more effective in person.

3. Gather together all the necessary documentation for your property in advance and be ready to show it to the client. Perhaps you have additional material about your property, which is not necessary to make a deal, but may be useful to the buyer. These may be architectural drawings, design layouts, and more. Show them to a potential buyer, they might give the client new ideas about your property.

4. Be prepared to answer all questions related to the cost of your property. How much are theutility bills? What are the taxes? What other costs are associated with the ownership or use of your property? Support your information with documents. The more a potential customer is satisfied that there will not be any unexpected surprises, the easier it will be for him to take a decision.

5. If you have received an offer from a potential buyer or tenant, do not delay in answering. If you need to think about your decision and you are not willing to just "shake hands" then don't take more than one or two days for your reply. The chances are that the prospective client is considering other proposals in parallel. So do not make him wait long. It's not in your best interest.

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