5 steps to prepare your property

Before inviting potential buyers or tenants to view your property, you need to take a number of measures to ensure that your property will make a good impression.


1. Check your home for the presence of deficiencies and faults. Work to eliminate them. You may find it useful to do some redecorating. Replace or remove worn curtains and carpets. Take out any furniture that has come into disrepair. The fresher your property looks, the more chance you have that a potential buyer or tenant will like it.
Check that the plumbing and electrical wiring is working. If you rent thehouse, you will sooner or later have to do it. If you sell it, the functional faults will significantly affect its price. By spending a little money on repairs, you will significantly increase the price of your property.

2. Remove from the house any purely personal belongings, family photos or clothes. Any prospective buyer or tenant pictures themselves living in your home. A large number of family photos on the wall or sideboard, reflecting the entire history of your family are very dear to you, but these elements of the interior strongly personalize the surroundings and prevent the potential buyer from picturing themselves in your home. Of course if you live in the house at the moment, it will be impossible to remove all your personal belongings. However, it will not be excessive, if you consider this aspect and if possible minimize the apparent presence of purely personal things in prominent places in your home.

3. Remove all unnecessary household rubbish - belongings, furniture, clothing and other household items, that have long served their purpose, but have remained in your living space. Psychologists often advise to periodically throw away anything unnecessary from the home. If you have not recently bothered to carry out a similar cleaning exercise in the house you love, do it before you invite potential home buyers or tenants. The larger the house feels, the more likely that people will feel it is cozy and comfortable.

4. Spring Clean.
Everyone seems to know what a spring clean is. Pay a lot of attention to it. Perhaps you have not lived in the house that you are selling, or you live there, but are satisfied with the cleanliness and order at the level that you maintain. Do not rely on the fact that interested parties understand that the house will be cleaned before you hand over. Surprise them with ideal cleanliness and perfect order. A house, which is clean, fresh and smells good, makes a person feel comfortable, and he unconsciously wants to return. Creating such a desire is your responsibility.

5. Prepare your house for a photo shoot. Add some beauty.
Before you take pictures of your property it would be nice to decorate a little. Add a couple of bouquets of flowers, and some decorative elements, and make up the bed nicely. Remember how you choosethe hotel for your vacation from the photographs. The more beautiful and comfortable the room looks in the photos, the more likely it is that you want to be there, and possibly stay.

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